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Your Michigan Unemployment office is one stop shopping to help you, the out of work Michigan resident, get back onto the roles of the employed, or to assist you in filing for your unemployment in Michigan, but the Michigan Unemployment Office can do so much more for you than just help you to file for your unemployment or to give you the jobs that are open currently in your area.


Visiting a Michigan unemployment office will permit you to use the computers in that office to search all of the jobs available in your state, as well as to file a resume that can then be used to match you with the positions open that require your particular skills and experiences.

P1163411At your Michigan unemployment offices you can find help with a new job by taking advantage of the services such as retraining, and job counselors who will help you not only to determine what kind of job you’re best suited for, but which jobs are up and coming in the area, so that you will have more job security in case of an economic down turn.

Michigan Unemployment offices will also help our to file your initial unemployment claims,. While they do recommend that you file online, if you run into problems in doing so the trained and helpful staff will assist you in both filing for and recertifying for your unemployment compensation claims in Michigan, as well as explaining what your rights are under Michigan unemployment, and your responsibilities in order to keep your benefits.

The federal unemployment extensions that are available to you in Michigan can be explained to you, as well as how to qualify for them, and if you are eligible for those extended benefits, along with some other benefits offered to you by the state of Michigan.

Although there is a great deal available to you on the Michigan unemployment web site, there are also multiple reasons you may need to visit a Michigan unemployment office. There are multiple offices available to you in each region of Michigan, many of which are located for your convenience on the web site, but are however also available to you by telephone if you phone the main offices of the Michigan unemployment office.

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Michigan Unemployment Entitlements Change For The EUC Program

In the last few months the unemployment rate in Michigan has been dropping significantly. This has serious effects on the unemployment benefits workers can claim for in Pennsylvania. In fact , unemployed workers who exhausted their Tier 3 benefits after June 23, 2012 will no longer qualify for tier 4 benefits.

However, if you exhausted your tier 3 benefits before this date and qualified for tier 4 benefits, you can continue cashing in benefits until you either run out of tier 4 weeks or on the week ending on December 29, 2012, whatever comes first.

If you haven’t already received an official notification from the Unemployment Insurance Agency of Michigan, expect one soon. The Unemployment Office of Michigan is in the process of providing detailed information on the changes caused to the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program because of the drop in unemployment rate.

If you have additional questions or have not received official information and you feel you qualify for benefits, you can contact the UIA customer service desk by phone, online, by mail or by visiting your local problem resolution center.

By Phone: If you want to call Michigan’s UIA, you must call between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time, from Monday through Friday. Customers with hearing disabilities may call 1-866-366-0004.

Online: If you have access to an internet connection, it is probably better to visit the UIA’s website for information. You will probably find the answer to your question there and if you don’t, you can leave a comment/question on the website’s Virtual Problem Resolution section. The availability of agents in the UIA’s Virtual Problem Resolution section are the same as for phone enquiries: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Visit a problem resolution center near you. For contact details and directions of a center near you: click here.

Additional Benefits

Even though you may have exhausted all unemployment benefits currently available to Michigan unemployed workers, this does not mean you do not qualify for other benefits. For instance, you may qualify for family support, health care, housing and other types of benefits. For more information on the many services available to unemployed workers visit the UIA’s website section: Helping Hand.

If you would like help finding a training program that could help you qualify for a job, the Unemployment Insurance Agency also offers help in applying and qualifying for work training programs, such as the Pure Michigan Talent Connect at WWW.MITALENT.ORG.

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