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EUC Benefits: How Do I Apply?

Emergency Unemployment Compensation benefits are available to long-term unemployed workers in Michigan who do not find work after their initial state unemployment benefits (usually 26 weeks) expires. If you are in this situation you might wonder what you should do to apply for EUC benefits. We often receive this question, or a similar variation, from our readers. Take, for example, Mrs. Richardson’s query:

I received a letter from UIA two weeks ago stating that i was close to the ending of my benefit weeks and that i may qualify for an EXTENSION or EUC. I applied on line but never received an determination letter. A week later i received the same letter but has not received my determination. i do have my confirmation number.

What should Mrs. Richardson do? This article and the next will provide detailed directions you can follow to apply and qualify for EUC benefits in Michigan.

The Program

In Michigan (this varies somewhat from one state to another) the EUC program provides up to 53 weeks of Emergency Unemployment Compensation. These payments will be similar to your initial unemployment insurance benefits with the Michigan Insurance Agency.Note these benefits are paid by the Federal government not by your employer employment insurance.

The program is divided into four tiers of 20 weeks, 14 weeks, 13 weeks and 6 weeks, respectively. Only states with high unemployment rates, such as Michigan, qualify for all four tiers.

How to Apply?

Unlike regular Michigan UI benefits, you do not apply for EUC online. The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency will send you a notification by mail if you qualify for EUC benefits when they are close to exhausting their UI benefits.

You should fill in this application as soon as possible and return it to the address specified in the instructions. How soon you receive your EUC benefits will depend on if and when the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency has this information, so please do not procrastinate. Fill in and send back this form as soon as possible.

In our next article we will provide a complete list of requirements for the EUC program. However, we would like to highlight two requirements many applicants fail to meet and that could jeopardize the chances of your application being accepted.

1) You must be registered with Michworks.org, the Michigan State work search website and your resume must be up-to-date. 

2) You must continue to file for your weekly EUC benefits over the phone, by using Michigan’s MARVIN system or online.

Our next article will provide a complete list of program requirements and contact details for the main unemployment insurance offices in Michigan.

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