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Learn About Michigan Works New Job Search Features

The heading on Michigan Works Talent Bank is “Job Seekers: Your Job Search Starts Here”. That is certainly true. Searching for a job is a full time job, especially in a competitive employment market like that of Michigan. Fortunately for job seekers like you, the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency is providing unemployed workers with useful tools to improve your chances of finding a job. This article will look at some of the new feature that appear in Michigan’s Premier Job Database: Michigan Works!

Employer Database

If you want to find a job, you need to sell yourself to the person who has the authority to make the decision to employ you. So much time is wasted by job seekers who go from office to office looking to speak to the Human Resources Director or some other person with the authority to hire. Michigan Works sidesteps this issue and provides job seekers with an immediate employer database of 55,000 employers ready to read your resume.

If you join this this database—a painless exercise that should only take a few minutes—you can also keep tabs on your favorite job postings by adding them to your job cart, get automatic e-mail alerts from friendly robots to remind you of employment openings you qualify for. This well-designed and easy to use database also allows you to edit your profile and update your resume at any time. Have you just finished a nifty course in customer relations? Include it in your online resume in seconds through the Michigan Works Job Seekers user interface.

Expert Tip

Anybody can place their resume in a jobs database. However the secret to finding a job is to stand out from the rest—in a good way of course. Follow this simple tip to improve your chances of finding your next dream job.

Use key words to filter through a list of job openings. Many job seekers simply get discouraged and stop looking for openings when they have trouble finding relevant job offers. Avoid job seekers fatigue by describing the types of jobs you would like to find. For instance, if you have experience as a data entry operator use keywords such as data, data entry or data management. This will return any job offer that includes these words. If you wish to be more specific you can include your keywords within quotation marks, such as “data entry operator” and only jobs that include those specific words in that order will appear.

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