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Losing your job is no picnic. Most of the time what you’re immediately concerned about is staying afloat financially until you can find another job, or make some arrangements for paying your bills and your mortgage. The immediate worries creep in and you tend to want answers for those prior to actively getting out and beginning what may be a lengthy search for that new job.

The Unemployment compensation insurance from Michigan is going to be helpful in both helping you stay on top of your bills as well as alleviating your worries somewhat about how you’re going to make ends meet till you find new work.

The main unemployment office site for Michigan is located at http://www.michigan.gov/uia/

The site has more than just forms and publications about your unemployment status, and a little more than just telling you what to do not that you’re not longer employed in Michigan.

The Michigan Unemployment site, or as its more properly called, the Unemployment Insurance Agency of Michigan, has multiple offerings for the unemployed or displaced worker.

The site offers you all that you need to file for your unemployment in Michigan, whether that be online, or on the telephone or in person.


If you select the online filing system, the forms are in place that will help you know what information you need to gather, the links to click to begin to file, as well as step by step information to help you file your claim, recertify for the Unemployment Insurance in Michigan, and when you’ve completed the forms, a verification will be given you so that you know those forms went through.

Many of those people need government Mortgage help, due to their income problems.  There are programs for  Government help with Mortgage payments.

You may also access information about the COBRA benefits, and other insurance care that you’re eligible for, so that your family is covered health wise while you seek new work.

Additionally, you will gather information about the means to find a new employer, as well as which areas are hiring, which companies need workers and what you need to do to be eligible for some of those jobs. Training, or retraining opportunities and the means to pay for that training are listed on the Michigan Unemployment web site, along with UIA online services that will help you to file for the federal unemployment extension in your state.

The economic stimulus also offers various benefits for the unemployed worker and the Michigan Unemployment web site can help you to stay in the know about those services, such as the extra twenty five dollars per week that you can claim while you’re unemployed.

There are problem resolution specialists working for the Michigan unemployment agency so that if you have a problem and aren’t sure quite how to address it, you can gain access to online and offline assistance to resolve your problems with Michigan unemployment.